Excel and Word Only Go So Far

Generic Software Doesn't Understand Your Problems

Let's face it: You can't run an office on Microsoft Office, or any other alternative all-in-one business suite. You're not all-in-one: you're remarkably good at one thing, or maybe a handful of things. That's what makes you stand out, that's what makes you competitive, and that's what makes you profitable.

If you're very good for very long at all, you will run into the limitations that will prevent you running your business out of Excel, Word, and Outlook. These tools may still have their place and some value, but they don't run your business, because you're business isn't making spreadsheets, writing Word documents, or checking e-mail.

Companies that reach these limitations find their next tier of ability and profitability through custom Line of Business (LOB) applications, written to address their specific needs, tailored for their own specific methodologies, environments, and corporate cultures. There is quite a bit of gap between running a business out of an office suite, and running monster-applications like SAP, PeopleSoft, or Oracle, that require millions of dollars in customization consultants, specialized infrastructure, and ongoing training to make these packages usable. Even the behemoths suffer from the same "all-in-one" problem: they take too long and too much money to configure them to solve your problems.

Where Do We Fit?

This gap is where we shine. We understand the problems of growth: limited resources, even less time, and a constant need to automate and adapt your business processes to stay competitive in your industry and stay responsive for your customers. We're nimble, adaptive, and solid in our ability to understand, analyze, and quickly address your business challenges through meaningful software solutions that allow your organizations to ascend to the next level. Our development team comes from a diverse set of industry backgrounds, including:

  • Compliance / Regulatory Requirements (HIPPA and SAS70)
  • Customer Service
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources Management / Benefits Administration

Even creative minds and keen developers are limited in their ability to provide meaningful solutions to tough challenges when they lack depth of technical understanding, but especially a lack of breadth of industry experience. A strong competitive advantage of our development team, we bring dozens of years worth of multidisciplinary industry experience to each and every solution we architect.

Our Deliverables

EnformaTech is not a pure "development shop" in the traditional term. While we do solve many customer challenges with the unique application of software development solutions and technology implementation strategies, we focus on creating and building long-term relationships and organically-expandable solutions and service that are custom-tailored for your individual needs, but are part of a long-term application strategy across your small business or multinational enterprise.

We deliver our solutions utilizing a blend of cutting-edge technologies, generally through Internet-based content delivery platforms, such as dynamic web sites or rich internet applications (RIA). For customers with the internal skill set and infrastructure, we can delivery our solutions as a hands-off, in-house hosted solutions in your own environment; however, our primary strength lies in the compelling services we provide either by hosting our solutions on our extensive and extensible application delivery platform, in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Utilizing this model, we can quickly prototype and build solutions that require no capital investments in hardware or support staff when we host solutions as your Application Service Provider (ASP).

When we host our solutions, we can build customized, hand-tailored applications that are segregated with a very specific look and feel, utilizing our hosting services. Alternatively, some solutions can be integrated into our EnformaTech Office suite, which combines our customized LOB application delivery integrated with other baseline LOB tools, to provide a broader, longer-term solution.

Big or small, in-house or outsourced, thick clients or thin, we have both the expertise and the technology to solve even the most challenging business scenarios.