Who we are. What we do.

We are solutions development experts who want to change the world and the way it does business through the smarter application of technology to business challenges that traditional methodologies and conventional thinking cannot solve.

Our business can be broken down into two categories of solutions:

  • Custom solution development of applications which store, translate, distribute, and add meaning to your data for your internal employees, vendors, and other intermediaries
  • Business presence development of online, customer-facing communications, from basic informational web sites to full-featured, transaction and relationship-based systems which engage customers and facilitate sales and service delivery

As part of our development, we seek to provide customized solutions in a reusable, integrated framework that adds value to one-off application requests, by integrating our custom solution development into our EnformaTech Office RIA delivery platform, or for customers who have special requirements, we provide web hosting services for solutions we develop.